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annual_ave - Annual Average
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Project - CCSM
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
level sigma layers 1 land_ice_sigma_coordinate CF-1.0
lithoz vertical coordinate of lithosphere layer meter vertical coordinate of lithosphere layer CF-1.0
mapping None mapping CF-1.0
smb surface mass balance mm/year water equivalent land_ice_surface_specific_mass_balance CF-1.0
staglevel stag sigma layers 1 stag sigma layers CF-1.0
stagwbndlevel stag sigma layers with boundaries 1 stag sigma layers with boundaries CF-1.0
x0 Cartesian x-coordinate, velocity grid meter Cartesian x-coordinate, velocity grid CF-1.0
x1 Cartesian x-coordinate meter Cartesian x-coordinate CF-1.0
y0 Cartesian y-coordinate, velocity grid meter Cartesian y-coordinate, velocity grid CF-1.0
y1 Cartesian y-coordinate meter Cartesian y-coordinate CF-1.0
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2021-06-13 12:35:52
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2021-06-13 12:35:52
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