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CESM2 Large Ensemble

The CESM2 Large Ensemble consists of 100 members at 1 degree spatial resolution covering the period 1850-2100 under CMIP6 historical and SSP370 future radiative forcing scenarios. Two separate sets of biomass burning emissions forcing files were used within the ensemble. Members 1-50 were forced with CMIP6 protocols identical to those used in Danabasoglu et al. (2020) in the presentation paper for CESM2. For members 51-100, the pertinent species for biomass burning fluxes from the CMIP6 protocols were smoothed with an 11-year running mean filter, impacting the fluxes over the years 1990-2020.

The CESM2 Large Ensemble uses a combination of different oceanic and atmospheric initial states to create ensemble spread as follows:

Members 1-10: These begin from years 1001, 1021, 1041, 1061, 1081, 1101, 1121, 1141, 1161, and 1181 of the 1400-year pre-industrial control simulation. This segment of the control simulation was chosen to minimize drift.

Members 11-90: These begin from 4 pre-selected years of the pre-industrial control simulation based on the phase of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). For each of the 4 initial states, there are 20 ensemble members created by randomly perturbing the atmospheric temperature field by order 10^-14K. The chosen start dates (model years 1231, 1251, 1281, and 1301) sample AMOC and Sea Surface Height (SSH) in the Labrador Sea at their maximum, minimum and transition states.

Members 91-100: These begin from years 1011, 1031, 1051, 1071, 1091, 1111, 1131, 1151, 1171, and 1191 of the 1400-year pre-industrial control simulation. This set includes the extensive "MOAR" output, which can be used to drive regional climate models.

The initialization design allows assessment of oceanic (AMOC) and atmospheric contributions to ensemble spread, and the impact of AMOC initial-condition memory on the global earth system.

Note: Not all 100 ensemble members are available as of mid-June 2021. Ensemble members will be added as they become available. We expect that the complete ensemble will be available by mid-July 2021. Some ensemble members have historical segments which are listed as available but cannot be downloaded yet; for details on these, please choose 'Download Options' below.

"Ubiquity of human-induced changes in climate variability" (preprint)

A selected list of monthly 100 member ensemble mean climate variables can be accessed through the openDAP server
Gokhan Danabasoglu, Clara Deser, Keith Rodgers & Axel Timmermann
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