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This privacy policy covers UCAR's treatment of personal information. Please review the UCAR General Privacy Policy so that you can understand your options in using the UCAR Web site. Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the General Privacy Policy. Within this Site you may access other UCAR-sponsored sites and services. Some of these sites and services are governed by their own privacy policies. In the absence of a referenced Privacy Policy, this General Privacy Policy shall apply.

What Personal Information Does UCAR Collect?

You can visit most UCAR Web sites and access most of our services without identifying who you are, or revealing personal information such as your name, birth date, e-mail address or mailing address, that can be used to identify you. However, some services may require registration. When you register with us, you may need to complete certain fields (some are required and some are optional), as well as choose a user name and password. In these situations, if you choose to withhold any personal information requested by us, it may not be possible for you to gain access to certain services or parts of a specific Web site.

If you do provide personal information when signing up for a service or completing a survey, UCAR will process such information for specific and limited purposes which we inform you about when we ask you for information. For example, we may collect and use personal data to provide you with services, to respond to a question, or to communicate with you for other purposes. Except as described in Section 3 hereof, unless expressly described in an applicable privacy policy, UCAR will not distribute your information to third parties.

General Use Information

UCAR receives and stores certain types of information whenever you interact with the Web site. For example, UCAR maintains Web activity log files such as the number of pages requested, time spent on a page, and result sets from search queries. UCAR extracts and aggregates information from these log files to gauge and improve the effectiveness of the Web site and services. UCAR does not link this general use information to other personally identifiable information.

Sharing of Information

From time to time, UCAR may share information with its sponsors, outside contractors, auditors, consultants, and others hired by UCAR to assist in carrying out financial or operational activities. UCAR informs these parties about safeguarding personal information, and requires them to use it only for an authorized purpose consistent with this privacy policy.


Parts of the UCAR Web site may use cookies to improve your interaction with the site or service (e.g. directing your browser to the same server in a cluster for your entire session). UCAR Web sites may also use cookies for Web traffic analysis purposes (e.g. determining unique visits to a site).

Signing Up For Services

In some instances, UCAR may request information through an enrollment process for a Web service, Web site analysis, survey, or event registration. To enroll or participate, you may voluntarily supply personal information. UCAR shall use the information, and may share the information with event planners, as described in the enrollment process or Section 3 of this Policy. Contact the Web site operator to correct any information you submit.


UCAR maintains all personal data with technical, administrative, and physical safeguards intended to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, and improper use. No computer system or information can be completely protected against every possible hazard, but UCAR provides reasonable and appropriate controls to protect personal information against foreseeable hazards.

Public Forums

UCAR maintains a number of public e-mail lists and forums for use by interested individuals. Some are open for subscription and use; others are moderated where a list or forum moderator may limit subscription and posting access. In each case, users can subscribe and unsubscribe from these areas at any time. Contact the Web site operator to correct any information you submit.

Please note that any information that you post to a public bulletin board or chat room is available to all persons accessing that site. Unsubscribing from a list or forum will not remove any name, e-mail address or information that was part of any previous posting from any archive of these lists or forums.

Legal Requirements

UCAR may disclose information in response to legal process, such as a court order or subpoena.

Children's Guidelines

Students are advised to consult with their parents before giving any personal information online.

Third Party Sites

This Privacy Policy applies only to UCAR Web sites that do not have their own express privacy policies. UCAR may provide links to other Web sites which we believe may be of interest to our visitors. Due to the nature of the World Wide Web, UCAR cannot and does not guarantee the standards of Web site links it provides and cannot be held responsible for the contents of non-UCAR sites. By entering such sites through the links provided, you accept all responsibility for use and agree that you will not hold UCAR responsible for anything that happens as a result of your entering and using such sites.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of UCAR, please contact the Office of General Counsel using the contact information below.

Privacy Preferences Contact Information

Please include your name, address, and e-mail address when you contact us.

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