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OpenID Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The FAQ contains the following sections:

Why are we removing OpenID Sign In?

The OpenID 2.0 protocol has been deprecated for several years now (since ~2016) and is no long supported.

When will you stop support for OpenID Sign In?

On or after October 6th, 2022.

What will happen to my account?

One of two things:

  • If your account was originally created at this website, then your account will transform into a username/password account.
  • If your account was created at this website by using a different OpenID Identity Provider (IdP) then we will be deleting your account.
    Here are some examples:

What will replace OpenID Sign In?

We have three different ways to login at this time:

  • Username and Password.
  • ORCiD Login
  • Employees at NCAR/UCAR should use their CIT account.

We have plans on adding sign in via Google and possibly GitHub.

How do I determine my username and password from my OpenID?

An OpenId is a URL.

Here is an example:

In this example, the username is "joe_smith".

How do I download restricted files on the TDS?

To download TDS files that are restricted, you will need to add an api-token query parameter to your tds file download url.

I have other questions, comments, or concerns. Who do I contact?


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