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This is a 10-member ensemble of SSP2-4.5 simulations with CESM2 (WACCM6) that provide control simulations for the ARISE-SAI (Assessing Responses and Impacts of Solar climate intervention on the Earth system with Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) simulations. The first 5 members have the default CMIP6 output whereas the subsequent 5 ensemble members include additional output that matches the ARISE-SAI output. Simulations go from 2015 to 2100 (for the first 5 ensemble members) and from 2015 through 2069 for the subsequent 5 ensemble members. All 3D data are on the original model levels (in timeseries format).
Mike Mills
Daniele Visioni
Jadwiga (Yaga) Richter
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