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CESM2 Model Output

Data generated by the Community Earth System Model Version 2

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CAM6 pre-industrial control, years 1100-1200
WACCM pre-industrial control run, years 0300-0349
CAM6 historical run, years 1850-2014
WACCM historical, years 1850-2014
CAM6 AMIP 001, years 1950-2014
The Community Earth System Model Version 2 (CESM2) has a Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) of 5.3K. ECS is an emergent property of both climate feedbacks and aerosol forcing. The increase in ECS over the previous version (CESM1) is the result of cloud feedbacks. Interim versions of CESM2 had a land model which damped ECS. Part of the ECS change results from evolving the model configuration to reproduce the long term trend of global and regional surface temperature over the 20th century in re...
CESM version 2.0.1 (the original public-release version of CESM2, and scientifically identical to public version 2.1.0) was run on a nominal 1-degree finite-volume horizontal grid for 30 years to assess the model's ability to represent atmospheric rivers (extreme precipitation events) and their related weather patterns. The dataset is comprised of global, daily averaged CAM history files for selected single-level and multi-level fields. Data size was minimized by extracting from the native files...
This dataset is comprised of WRF output, created to study orographically generated gravity waves observed by satellite-borne radiometers in the stratosphere. The intent is for the OGWs in the output to be used to evaluate satellite-methods for computing vertical fluxes of horizontal momentum, to be compared with waves in ECMWF and UKMO UM models, and to be validated against stratospheric satellite observations. This dataset covers the Patagonia and Antarctic Peninsula regions. The overall object...
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