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CESM2.1 run f.e21.FWHISTBgcCrop.f09_f09_mg17.CMIP6-AMIP-WACCM.001, Ice Post Processed Data, Daily Averages, version 2

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daily_ave - Daily Average
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Project - CCSM
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
aice_d ice area (aggregate) 1 ice area (aggregate) CF-1.0
ice_present_d fraction of time-avg interval that ice is present 1 fraction of time-avg interval that ice is present CF-1.0
sisnthick_d sea ice snow thickness m sea ice snow thickness CF-1.0
sispeed_d ice speed m/s ice speed CF-1.0
sitemptop_d sea ice surface temperature K sea ice surface temperature CF-1.0
sithick_d sea ice thickness m sea ice thickness CF-1.0
siu_d ice x velocity component m/s ice x velocity component CF-1.0
siv_d ice y velocity component m/s ice y velocity component CF-1.0
Date Created
2018-12-08 08:12:34
Date Last Updated
2020-11-10 15:40:48
Version Date Publisher Published State Source
2 2020-11-10 15:40:48 Ilana Stern Published
1 2018-12-08 08:12:34 Ilana Stern Published