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CESM2-CMIP5 Forcing

The CESM2 with CMIP5 forcing is a set of climate model simulations intended to disentangle the role of forcing versus model structure between CESM2 and CESM1 for pre-industrial, 20th and 21st centuries simulations.

The CESM2 has considerable changes relative to the CESM1 both in the model structure and in the forcing. In order to understand these changes and their impact on climate variability and change, simulations with CESM2 but with a forcing similar to CESM1 were performed.

Data Description:

The CESM2-CMIP5 simulations include:
- A 500-year pre-industrial run
- 10 ensembles forced by historical/RCP8.5 datasets

Due to computational constraints, only a single historical ensemble member runs from 1850-1920. The remaining members were branched in 1920 from the first member.

The forcing in the CESM2-CMIP5 simulations is comparable to forcing used in the CESM1 Large Ensemble Simulations (Kay et al, 2015:

The model code and case setups for the CESM2-CMIP5 Forcing Experiments can be found at:

Authors: Marika Holland and Cecile Hannay
Marika Holland
Cecile Hannay
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