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Input files used to initialize the spin-ups

Contains three initial-condition files. The initial-condition file, based on observations, is the same for all spin-ups at a given resolution and is named “” (or similarly for other resolutions). In addition, there are four kinds of files for each set of experiment, resolution, melt_parameterization, and melt_calibration:

1. One or two config files (one used at initialization and one at restart): “ISMIP6_4km.config” and “ISMIP6_4km.config.restart” (or similarly for other resolutions)
2. A history file containing one time slice corresponding to the end of the spin-up and named “”
3. A restart file (used to initialize forward runs), containing one time slice corresponding to the end of the spin-up and named “”
4. A time series file containing scalar output with a frequency of 10 years spanning the entire spin-up, named “”

Each file has a prefix string indicating the experiment, resolution, melt_parameterization, and melt_calibration. See the README file in the parent dataset for information on these values.
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