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CESM2.2 CAM-chem as Boundary Conditions

We have saved CAM-chem simulation output that is intended to be used as boundary conditions for regional modeling. We used CAM-chem at 0.9x1.25 horizontal resolution simulation with 32 vertical levels. Temperatures, and winds are nudged to MERRA2 reanalysis fields with by nudging with 12h relaxation (10%) to MERRA2 reanalysis. Data is saved as instantaneous fields every 6 hours. See a list of saved species. Chemistry is the MOZART-T1 mechanism, described in Emmons et al. (2019). You can find a description of all simulated species online. We use the MAM4-VBS scheme to model aerosols. Files are collected as daily information (4 time-slices per file). Anthropogenic emissions are from CAMS V5.1. Biogenic emissions are from online MEGAN2.1, fire emissions are from QFED CO2 x FINN emission ratios. Online ocean DMS emissions are used.
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