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CESM2.2-CAM6 Perturbed Parameter Ensemble (PPE)

To evaluate parameterizations in models, simulations have often been performed with only one change to one parameterization at a time. This is highly inefficient and can be both time-consuming and computationally costly. This data represents ensembles using a Perturbed Parameter Ensemble (PPE) technique, where multiple parameters are varied simultaneously and the parameter values are determined with Latin Hypercube sampling. The simulations vary 43 parameters in the microphysics, convective, turbulence and aerosol schemes with 263 ensembles.

The parameter values are located in the PPE Parameter File.

Three sets of cases are simulated; Present day climate (PD), pre-industrial aerosol loading (PI) and +4K sea surface temperature (SST4K). Each set is run for 3 years.

Atmosphere files are represented as time series in the CESM2.2-CAM6 PPE xx Time Series link, with each individual variable concatenated into one separate file. Most output variables are monthly averages (CESM2.2-CAM6 PPE xx Time Series Monthly Averages) while there are a few variables also outputted as daily averages in (CESM2.2-CAM6 PPE xx Time Series Daily Averages).

Monthly average land surface data are found in the CESM2.2-CAM6 PPE xx Raw Land link.

To download scripts to build and run the CESM PPEs, please click the 'Download options' button below. The scripts can be changed to run in several different configurations (standard Atmosphere-Ocean for CAM6, fully coupled CESM2, aquaplanet, single column, nudged mode, etc).
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