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Biogeochemical_Testbed_1.1 (CLM4.5, CRU-NCEP, RCP4.5 & 8.5)

Data included here include model input data (used to run the biogeochemical testbed), and
annually averaged model output (analyzed in Wieder et al. 2018a, b).
Input data are daily forcing, ‘’, files that were generated by the satellite phenology
scheme of the Community Land Model (CLM, version 4.5sp; Oleson et al. 2013). Data for the
historical period (1901-2010) were generated with atmospheric condition from the CRU-NCEP
climate reanalysis data. Data for future scenarios (2011-2100) were generated using an
anomaly forcing protocol to replicate a single CCSM4 projection of climate change under both
RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios (Meehl et al. 2012; as in McGuire et al. 2018 and Wieder et al.
2015). Daily output from CLM were modified with the NetCDFTools package developed by
Melannie Hartman to generate the files archived here. These forcing data provide input
data needed to run the soil biogeochemical testbed, available at Will Wieder’s GitHub
account (see link).
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