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SO2 injection matrix simulations - multiple point injections

These simulations have annual recurring SO2 injections simultaneously at multiple injection locations, but each in one grid box at 180E. The locations and the filename forms are as follows:

16TgSO2 15N and 15S, ~19km:
SO2_geoeng_0.95x1.25_2040-2049_serial_16Tg_19.2-19.4km_15.6S_180E_16Tg_19.2-19.4km_15.6N_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

12TgSO2 15N and 15S, 25km:
SO2_geoeng_2040-2049_serial_12Tg_24.9-25.1km_15.6Sand15.6N_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

6TgSO2 15N and 15S, 25km:
SO2_geoeng_2040-2049_serial_6Tg_24.9-25.1km_15.6Sand15.6N_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

12TgSO2 30N and 15N, 25km:
SO2_geoeng_2040-2049_serial_12Tg_22.7-22.9km_30.6N_180E_12Tg_24.9-25.1km_15.6N_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

12TgSO2 30S and 15S, 25km:
SO2_geoeng_2040-2049_serial_12Tg_22.7-22.9km_30.6S_180E_12Tg_24.9-25.1km_15.6S_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

6TgSO2 30N and 30S at 23km and 15N and 15S at 25 km:
SO2_geoeng_2040-2049_serial_6Tg_22.7-22.9km_30.6N_30.6S_24.9-25.1km_15.6N_15.6S_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

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