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SO2 injection matrix simulations - single point equatorial injections

These simulations have annual recurring SO2 injections into a single grid box at 180E on the equator. Amounts are 6, 8, or 12 Tg/yr; altitudes are 20 or 25km.

Files in this dataset are named with the pattern SO2_geoeng.[date range]_serial_[amount]Tg_[altitude range]km_0.1N_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc except for 12Tg SO2/yr injection at 25km, specified chemistry which has the form SO2_geoeng.SC_2.2040-2059_serial_12Tg_24.9-25.1km_0.1N_180E.001.[component code].[yyyy-mm].nc

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