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GeoMIP SSP5 run data

Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering experiments have been produced by CESM2(WACCM6). Two experiments have been performed following the CMIP6 WACCM6 SSP5-34-OS experiment as a baseline scenario with stratospheric sulfur injections to limit global warming to 1.5C or 2.0C above 1850–1900 conditions, called Geo SSP5-34-OS 1.5 and Geo SSP5-34-OS 2.0, respectively. A third experiment has been performed that follows CMIP6 WACCM6 SSP5-85 as a baseline and to limit global warming to 1.5oC, called Geo SSP5-85 1.5. Sulfur injections were applied at four predefined latitudes, 30N, 15N, 15S, and 30S, to reach three surface temperature targets: global mean temperature, and inter-hemispheric and pole-to-equator temperature gradients using a feedback algorithm. All experiments have two ensemble members. More details can be found in Tilmes et al., 2020:
Simone Tilmes
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