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Time Frequency
monthly_ave - Monthly Average
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Experiment - cesmLME
Project - CCSM
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
mcdate current date (YYYYMMDD) None current date (YYYYMMDD) CF-1.0
mcsec current seconds of current date s current seconds of current date CF-1.0
mdcur current day (from base day) None current day (from base day) CF-1.0
mscur current seconds of current day None current seconds of current day CF-1.0
nstep time step None time step CF-1.0
QCHANR RTM river flow: LIQ m3/s RTM river flow: LIQ CF-1.0
Date Created
2021-07-24 11:07:36
Date Last Updated
2021-07-24 11:07:36
Version Date Publisher Published State Source
1 2021-07-24 11:07:36 Ilana Stern Published