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monthly_ave - Monthly Average
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Project - CCSM
Experiment - cesmLME
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
area grid cell areas km^2 grid cell areas CF-1.0
BSW slope of soil water retention curve unitless slope of soil water retention curve CF-1.0
DZSOI soil thickness m soil thickness CF-1.0
FCOV fractional impermeable area unitless fractional impermeable area CF-1.0
HKSAT saturated hydraulic conductivity unitless saturated hydraulic conductivity CF-1.0
landfrac land fraction None land fraction CF-1.0
landmask land/ocean mask (0.=ocean and 1.=land) None land/ocean mask (0.=ocean and 1.=land) CF-1.0
levgrnd coordinate soil levels m coordinate soil levels CF-1.0
levlak coordinate lake levels m coordinate lake levels CF-1.0
mcdate current date (YYYYMMDD) None current date (YYYYMMDD) CF-1.0
mcsec current seconds of current date s current seconds of current date CF-1.0
mdcur current day (from base day) None current day (from base day) CF-1.0
mscur current seconds of current day None current seconds of current day CF-1.0
nstep time step None time step CF-1.0
pftmask pft real/fake mask (0.=fake and 1.=real) None pft real/fake mask (0.=fake and 1.=real) CF-1.0
SUCSAT saturated soil matric potential mm saturated soil matric potential CF-1.0
topo grid cell topography m grid cell topography CF-1.0
WATSAT saturated soil water content (porosity) mm3/mm3 saturated soil water content (porosity) CF-1.0
ZSOI soil depth m soil depth CF-1.0
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2021-07-17 18:46:16
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2021-07-19 19:28:09
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