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Time Frequency
6hourly_inst - 6-Hourly Instantaneous
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Experiment - cesmLME
Project - CCSM
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
ch4vmr ch4 volume mixing ratio None ch4 volume mixing ratio CF-1.0
f11vmr f11 volume mixing ratio None f11 volume mixing ratio CF-1.0
f12vmr f12 volume mixing ratio None f12 volume mixing ratio CF-1.0
n2ovmr n2o volume mixing ratio None n2o volume mixing ratio CF-1.0
PRECT Total (convective and large-scale) precipitation rate (liq + ice) m/s Total (convective and large-scale) precipitation rate (liq + ice) CF-1.0
slat staggered latitude degrees_north staggered latitude CF-1.0
slon staggered longitude degrees_east staggered longitude CF-1.0
sol_tsi total solar irradiance W/m2 total solar irradiance CF-1.0
w_stag staggered latitude weights None staggered latitude weights CF-1.0
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2021-07-16 11:37:53
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2021-07-16 11:37:53
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