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Aqua-Planet Experiment Project Ozone Dataset

An idealized, time-invariant, zonally averaged, zonally symmetric​ ozone dataset designed by the Aqua-Planet Experiment​ ​​P​​r​​o​​j​​e​​c​​t. Reformatted for use in CAM aqua-planet experiments: The original APE dataset was expanded to the 3 spatial dimensions and "time", mapped to the T42 (128x64) horizontal grid, mapped to 26 levels between 1003.69 and 0.28 hPa, and 12 copies of the time-invariant field created to represent​ a "monthly climatology" within the dataset. ​​​CAM uses the reformatted dataset as a monthly climatological​ ozone boundary dataset. Input is interpolated to the model grid​ and model time as CAM is running.
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