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Southern Ocean Eddies simulations

This data includes select model output from a global, eddy-resolving, numerical simulation integrated with the ocean [Smith et al. 2010], sea-ice [Hunke and Lipscomb 2008] and marine biogeochemistry [Moore et al. 2013] components of the the Community Earth System Model (CESM1) [Hurrell et al. 2013], forced with atmospheric data from the Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiment (CORE I) "normal year" [Large and Yeager 2004]. This simulation was run for 5-years after initialization (see Harrison et al. [2018] for details on initialization), and model output was saved as 5-day means.

Selected data streams include simulated physical and biogeochemical oceanographic data used in Rohr et al. [under review – a] and Rohr et al. [under review – b] to study the mechanisms by which Southern Ocean eddies modify the biogeochemistry data. See Rohr et al. [under review – a] for methods, results, and direction publically available analysis tools.

Please contact Matthew Long ( for any questions regarding the data.


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