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CLM land-only release

These data are from a series of simulations documenting model developments that have been included in Community Land Model version 5 (CLM5) which is the default land component for the Community Earth System Model version 2 (CESM2). These data were generated to compare CLM5 to prior versions of CLM (CLM4 and CLM4.5) in land-only mode forced with several historical forcing datasets including GSWP3v1, CRUNCEPv7, and WATCH. Data include simulations with LAI prescribed from satellite phenology (SP) and simulations with prognostic vegetation state and active biogeochemistry (BGC). All simulations were completed at a resolution of 0.9o latitude by 1.25o longitude. Additional simulations were conducted to evaluate model sensitivities to land use and land cover change, active crop management, elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO2, and nitrogen enrichment. Raw data were post processed to generate single variable time series. In addition to standard monthly output, these data also include PFT-level, daily, and hourly data available for selected fields and simulations. Additional analyses were made using the CLM diagnostics package and International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) package and available at the linked web sites.

The creators were Keith Oleson (, David Lawrence (, Danica Lombardozzi (, & Will Wieder (
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