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CESM2-CISM2 Transient Last Interglacial Simulations

The Transient Last Interglacial dataset contains output from the TransientLIG simulation from 127,000 to 119,000 years before present (127 – 119 ka). This simulation is with the CESM2.1 at the FV1_gx1v6 resolution coupled to CISM2 at 4 km resolution for Greenland. The ice sheet model and the orbital parameters over time (eccentricity, obliquity, and precession) are accelerated - advancing 5 years for each CESM2 year. In CAM6, the surface elevation over Greenland is updated every 10 atmosphere years. Offline coupling of BIOME4 distributions every 500 ice-sheet years allows for incorporation of quasi-dynamic vegetation changes [U.S. Geological Survey data release,]. All other forcings (GHGs, aerosols, land-ocean configuration) are kept constant during the TransientLIG simulation.

The dataset also includes a sensitivity simulation (NoBiome) from 127 – 121 ka illustrating the effects of vegetation. This simulation retains the preindustrial no-Anthro vegetation distribution adopted in the CMIP6-PMIP4 127 ka and 6ka equilibrium simulations with CESM2.1 at the FV1_gx1v6 resolution.

The TransientLIG and NoBiome simulations are initialized from the CMIP6-PMIP4 lig127k simulation with CESM2 []. The simulations adopted the initial state of the GrIS from the CESM2-CISM2 JG/BG spinup under pre-industrial climate forcing []
Sommers, A. N
Otto-Bliesner, B. L.
Lipscomb, W. H.
Lofverstrom, M.
Shafer, S. L.
Bartlein, P. J
Brady, E. C.
Kluzek, E.
Leguy, G.
Thayer-Calder, K.
Tomas, R. A.
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Sommers, A. N., Otto-Bliesner, B. L., Lipscomb, W. H., Lofverstrom, M.,Shafer, S. L., Bartlein, P. J., Brady, E. C., Kluzek, E. , Leguy, G. , Thayer-Calder, K. , and Tomas, R. A. (2021). Retreat and regrowth of the Greenland Ice Sheet during the Last Interglacial as simulated by the CESM2-CISM2 coupled climate–ice sheet model. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 36, e2021PA004272.
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