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netcdf /datazone/nmme/output1/NOAA-GFDL/FLORB-01/20080901/mon/ocean/v20140710/so/ {
    time = UNLIMITED;   // (12 currently)
    bnds = 2;
    lev = 50;
    yt_ocean = 200;
    xt_ocean = 360;
    double average_DT(time=12);
      :long_name = "Length of average period";
      :units = "days";
      :missing_value = 1.0E20; // double

    double average_T1(time=12);
      :long_name = "Start time for average period";
      :units = "days since 2008-09-01 00:00:00";
      :missing_value = 1.0E20; // double

    double average_T2(time=12);
      :long_name = "End time for average period";
      :units = "days since 2008-09-01 00:00:00";
      :missing_value = 1.0E20; // double

    double bnds(bnds=2);
      :long_name = "vertex number";
      :cartesian_axis = "N";

    float so(time=12, lev=50, yt_ocean=200, xt_ocean=360);
      :long_name = "Sea Water Salinity";
      :units = "psu";
      :valid_range = -10.0f, 100.0f; // float
      :missing_value = 1.0E20f; // float
      :cell_methods = "time: mean area: mean where sea";
      :coordinates = "geolon_t geolat_t";
      :standard_name = "sea_water_salinity";
      :_FillValue = 1.0E20f; // float
      :cell_measures = "area: areacello";
      :comments = "Note: This model output is presented on the model\'s tripolar grid. The North Pole singularity is avoided by using this nonregular grid north of 65N. More information about the ocean and sea ice model\'s grid can be found at";
      :original_name = "salt";
      :original_units = "psu";
      :associated_files = "baseURL: gridspecFile: areacello:";

    double lev(lev=50);
      :long_name = "ocean depth coordinate";
      :units = "m";
      :cartesian_axis = "Z";
      :positive = "down";
      :bounds = "lev_bnds";
      :axis = "Z";
      :standard_name = "depth";
      :description = "generic ocean model vertical coordinate (nondimensional or dimensional)";

    double time(time=12);
      :long_name = "time";
      :units = "days since 2008-09-01 00:00:00";
      :cartesian_axis = "T";
      :calendar_type = "julian";
      :calendar = "julian";
      :bounds = "time_bnds";
      :standard_name = "time";
      :axis = "T";

    double time_bnds(time=12, bnds=2);
      :long_name = "time axis boundaries";
      :units = "days since 2008-09-01 00:00:00";
      :missing_value = 1.0E20; // double

    double xt_ocean(xt_ocean=360);
      :long_name = "tcell longitude";
      :units = "degrees_E";
      :cartesian_axis = "X";

    double yt_ocean(yt_ocean=200);
      :long_name = "tcell latitude";
      :units = "degrees_N";
      :cartesian_axis = "Y";

    double lev_bnds(lev=50, bnds=2);

  // global attributes:
  :references = "The GFDL Data Portal ( provides access to NOAA/GFDL\'s publicly available model input and output data sets. From this web site one can view and download datasets and documentation, including those related to the GFDL coupled models experiments run for the NMME project.\nPublications: \nJia, L. and coauthors (2014): Improved Seasonal Prediction Skill of Land Temperature and Precipitation in a GFDL High-Resolution Climate Model, J. Climate (submitted).\nVecchi, G.A., T. Delworth, R. Gudgel, S. Kapnick, A. Rosati, A.T. Wittenberg, F. Zeng, W. Anderson, V. Balaji, K. Dixon, L. Jia, H.-S. Kim, L. Krishnamurthy, R. Msadek, W.F. Stern, S.D. Underwood, G. Villarini, X. Yang, S. Zhang  (2014): On the Seasonal Forecasting to Regional Tropical Cyclone Activity. J. Climate (submitted).";
  :tracking_id = "ba93c7e7-5c23-461b-a772-5bbc9d31e9c1";
  :creation_date = "2014-07-23T12:27:05Z";
  :table_id = "Table Omon (31 Jan 2011)";
  :source = "GFDL-FLORB01 ocean: mom4 (MOM4p1_x1_Z50_FLORB01,Tripolar360x200L50); atmosphere: AM2p5 (AM2p14,C180L32); sea ice: SIS (SISp2,Tripolar360x200L50)";
  :project_id = "NMME";
  :product = "output1";
  :physics_version = 1; // int
  :parent_experiment_rip = "CM2.1R-ECDA-v3.1-1960";
  :parent_experiment_id = "CM2.1R-ECDA-v3.1-1960";
  :model_id = "GFDL-FLORB01";
  :modeling_realm = "ocean";
  :realization = 11; // int
  :frequency = "mon";
  :initialization_method = 1; // int
  :institute_id = "NOAA GFDL";
  :institution = "NOAA GFDL(201 Forrestal Rd, Princeton, NJ, 08540)";
  :experiment_id = "FLORB01-P1-ECDA-v3.1-092008";
  :Conventions = "CF-1.4";
  :forcing = "GHG,SD,Oz,LU,Sl,Vl,SS,BC,MD,OC (GHG includes CO2, CH4, N2O, CFC11, CFC12, HCFC22, CFC113)";
  :experiment = "FLORB01-P1-ECDA-v3.1";
  :branch_time = "0.0";
  :contact = "";
  :title = "NOAA GFDL GFDL-FLORB01,FLORB01-P1-ECDA-v3.1 (run 11) experiment output for NMME";
  :comment = "\"GFDL experiment name = CM2.5_FLOR_B01_p1_ECDA_2.1Rv3.1_01092008. Community experiment name = FLORB01-P1-ECDA-v3.1. Initival conditions for this experiment were taken from CM2.1R-ECDA-v3.1-1960. Forcing used is GHG,SD,Oz,LU,Sl,Vl,SS,BC,MD,OC (GHG includes CO2, CH4, N2O, CFC11, CFC12, HCFC22, CFC113).\"";
  :gfdl_experiment_name = "CM2.5_FLOR_B01_p1_ECDA_2.1Rv3.1_01092008";
  :history = "File was processed by fremetar (GFDL analog of CMOR). TripleID: [exper_id_mBeoe7Xwwi,realiz_id_B29P5nGDtF,run_id_UgDC9K1gB1]";
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