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project=NMME, model=CFSV2-2011, experiment=20050101, time_frequency=6hr, modeling realm=atmos

Authoritative Source
Data Format
NetCDF (Network Commmon Data Format)
Time Frequency
6hr - 6-Hourly
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Related Activities
Experiment - 20050101
Project - NMME
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
pr Precipitation_rate kg m-2 s-1 Precipitation_rate CF-1.0
ta1000 temperature_at_1000hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
ta2 temperature_at_2hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
ta200 temperature_at_200hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
ta50 temperature_at_50hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
ta500 temperature_at_500hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
ta700 temperature_at_700hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
ta850 temperature_at_850hPa K air_temperature CF-1.0
tas temperature_2m_above_ground K air_temperature CF-1.0
tashy1 temperature_hybrid_level_1 K air_temperature CF-1.0
tasmax temperature_Max_2m_above_ground K air_temperature CF-1.0
tasmin temperature_Min_2m_above_ground K air_temperature CF-1.0
u10m u_components_of_wind_at_10m_above_ground m s-1 eastward_wind CF-1.0
u500 u_component_of_wind_at_500hPa m s-1 eastward_wind CF-1.0
u700 u_component_of_wind_at_700hPa m s-1 eastward_wind CF-1.0
u925 u_component_of_wind_at_925hPa m s-1 eastward_wind CF-1.0
v10m v_components_of_wind_at_10m_above_ground m s-1 northward_wind CF-1.0
v500 v_component_of_wind_at_500hPa m s-1 northward_wind CF-1.0
v700 v_component_of_wind_at_700hPa m s-1 northward_wind CF-1.0
v925 v_component_of_wind_at_925hPa m s-1 northward_wind CF-1.0
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2015-10-08 07:53:22
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2019-04-04 12:12:20
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