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project=NMME, model=NCAR Community Earth System Model, CESM version 1, experiment=20050101, time_frequency=day, modeling realm=atmos

Authoritative Source
Data Format
NetCDF (Network Commmon Data Format)
Time Frequency
day - Daily
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Related Activities
Experiment - 20050101
Project - NMME
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
chi200 200mb velocity potential s^-1 200mb velocity potential CF-1.0
chi850 850mb velocity potential s^-1 850mb velocity potential CF-1.0
date current date (YYYYMMDD) None current date (YYYYMMDD) CF-1.0
G Geopotential Height m geopotential CF-1.0
Hflsd None Hflsd CF-1.0
Hfssd None Hfssd CF-1.0
hus Specific Humidity kg/kg specific_humidity CF-1.0
mfc Vertically Integrated Moisture Flux Convergence g kg^-1 s^-1 Vertically Integrated Moisture Flux Convergence CF-1.0
psi200 200mb stream function s^-1 200mb stream function CF-1.0
psi850 850mb stream function s^-1 850mb stream function CF-1.0
Psl Sea Level Pressure Pa air_pressure_at_sea_level CF-1.0
Rls Net Surface Longwave W/m2 surface_net_downward_longwave_flux CF-1.0
Rlt Net Top Longwave W/m2 toa_net_downward_longwave_flux CF-1.0
Rss Net Surface Solar W/m2 surface_net_downward_shortwave_flux CF-1.0
Rst Net Top Solar W/m2 toa_net_downward_shortwave_flux CF-1.0
Stx None Stx CF-1.0
Sty None Sty CF-1.0
Ta Temperature K air_temperature CF-1.0
Tasmax Daily Max 2m Air Temperature K air_temperature CF-1.0
Tasmin Daily Min 2m Air Temperature K air_temperature CF-1.0
Tqm Precipitable Water kg/m2 Precipitable Water CF-1.0
Ts Surface Temperature K surface_temperature CF-1.0
ua Zonal Wind m/s eastward_wind CF-1.0
uv Meridional Wind m/s northward_wind CF-1.0
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2017-02-02 12:37:21
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