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project=NMME, model=GEOS-5, experiment=20060301, time_frequency=day, modeling realm=atmos

Authoritative Source
Data Format
NetCDF (Network Commmon Data Format)
Time Frequency
day - Daily
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Experiment - 20060301
Project - NMME
Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
g geopotential m geopotential CF-1.0
hus specific_humidity kg/kg specific_humidity CF-1.0
mrsov soil_mositure m3/m3 volume_fraction_of_water_in_soil CF-1.0
pr total_precipitation Kg/m2/s total_precipitation CF-1.0
psl sea_level_pressure hPa air_pressure_at_sea_level CF-1.0
rlt toa_outgoing_longwave W/m2 toa_outgoing_longwave_flux CF-1.0
runoff runoff kg/m2/s surface_runoff_flux CF-1.0
snowhland snow_depth m lwe_thickness_of_surface_snow_amount CF-1.0
stx surface_east_wind_stress Pa surface_downward_x_stress CF-1.0
sty surface_north_wind_stress Pa surface_downward_y_stress CF-1.0
ta temperature K temperature CF-1.0
tas surface_max_temp K air_temperature CF-1.0
tasmax surface_max_temp K air_temperature CF-1.0
tasmin surface_min_temp K air_temperature CF-1.0
tqm total_precipitable_water kg/m2 atmosphere_mass_content_of_water CF-1.0
ua east_wind m/s east_wind CF-1.0
va north_wind m/s north_wind CF-1.0
Date Created
2015-05-07 15:21:45
Date Last Updated
2018-12-13 11:01:29
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20160715 2016-07-22 13:35:19 Eric Nienhouse Published
201501007 2015-10-09 04:20:54 Eric Nienhouse Published
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