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NARCCAP time_slices ccsm-current Table 3

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Name Description Units Standard Name Standard Name Vocabulary
clt cloud_area_fraction 1 cloud_area_fraction CF-1.0
hfls surface_upward_latent_heat_flux W m-2 surface_upward_latent_heat_flux CF-1.0
hfss surface_upward_sensible_heat_flux W m-2 surface_upward_sensible_heat_flux CF-1.0
prc convective_precipitation_flux kg m-2 s-1 convective_precipitation_flux CF-1.0
prw atmosphere_water_vapor_content kg m-2 atmosphere_water_vapor_content CF-1.0
psl air_pressure_at_sea_level Pa air_pressure_at_sea_level CF-1.0
rlut toa_outgoing_longwave_flux W m-2 toa_outgoing_longwave_flux CF-1.0
rsdt toa_incoming_shortwave_flux W m-2 toa_incoming_shortwave_flux CF-1.0
rsut toa_outgoing_shortwave_flux W m-2 toa_outgoing_shortwave_flux CF-1.0
zmla atmosphere_boundary_layer_thickness m atmosphere_boundary_layer_thickness CF-1.0
Date Created
2012-02-03 14:43:44
Date Last Updated
2021-08-19 14:39:28
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1 2012-02-03 14:43:44 Seth McGinnis Published
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