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netcdf /datazone/cordex/data/raw/NAM-22i/ymon/CanRCM4/CanESM2/rcp85/temp/ {
    time = UNLIMITED;   // (12 currently)
    lat = 258;
    lon = 600;
    bnds = 2;
    float temp(time=12, lat=258, lon=600);
      :_FillValue = 1.0E20f; // float
      :cell_methods = "time:mean (interval:600 seconds) time: mean within years time: mean over years";
      :long_name = "Near-Surface Air Temperature";
      :missing_value = 1.0E20f; // float
      :remap = "remapped via ESMF_regrid_with_weights: Higher-order Patch";
      :standard_name = "air_temperature";
      :units = "degC";

    double lat(lat=258);
      :long_name = "latitude";
      :units = "degrees_north";
      :standard_name = "latitude";

    double lon(lon=600);
      :long_name = "longitude";
      :units = "degrees_east";
      :standard_name = "longitude";

    double time_bnds(time=12, bnds=2);

    double time(time=12);
      :calendar = "365_day";
      :axis = "T";
      :units = "days since 1949-12-01";
      :standard_name = "time";
      :long_name = "time";
      :climatology = "time_bnds";

  // global attributes:
  :title = "NA-CORDEX Raw NAM-22i CanRCM4 CanESM2 RCP8.5 Monthly Climatology of 2m Air Temperature";
  :institution = "CCCma (Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, Victoria, BC, Canada)";
  :institute_id = "CCCma";
  :contact = "";
  :Conventions = "CF-1.4";
  :experiment = "RCP8.5 run driven by CCCma-CanESM2 ";
  :experiment_id = "rcp85";
  :driving_experiment = "CCCma-CanESM2, rcp85, r1i1p1";
  :driving_model_id = "CCCma-CanESM2";
  :driving_model_ensemble_member = "r1i1p1";
  :driving_experiment_name = "rcp85";
  :forcing = "GHG,Oz,SA,BC,OC,LU,Vl (GHG includes CO2,CH4,N2O,CFC11,effective CFC12)";
  :model_id = "CCCma-CanRCM4";
  :creation_date = "2012-12-03 21:23:37";
  :rcm_version_id = "r2";
  :project_id = "CORDEX";
  :CORDEX_domain = "NAM-22";
  :frequency = "ymon";
  :product = "output";
  :CCCma_runid = "nam046_idr22";
  :references = "";
  :history = "Fri Mar 29 14:57:40 2019: ncrename -v tas,temp ./\nFri Mar 29 14:57:40 2019: ncap2 -O -s tas=tas-float(273.15) -s tas@units=\"degC\" ./\nMon Aug 14 20:17:42 MDT 2017: ncl aggregate.ncl varname=tas interval=month cyclic=True method=mean outtime=mid\nFri Oct 14 19:33:55 MDT 2016: ncl patch-regrid.ncl wgtfile=//glade/u/home/dkorytin/patch/weights/22/ outfile=common/ varname=tas\ncreated: 2012-12-03 21:30:30 by rcm2nc";
  :data_licence = "1) GRANT OF LICENCE - The Government of Canada (Environment Canada) is the \nowner of all intellectual property rights (including copyright) that may exist in this Data \nproduct. You (as \"The Licensee\") are hereby granted a non-exclusive, non-assignable, \nnon-transferable unrestricted licence to use this data product for any purpose including \nthe right to share these data with others and to make value-added and derivative \nproducts from it. This licence is not a sale of any or all of the owner\'s rights.\n2) NO WARRANTY - This Data product is provided \"as-is\"; it has not been designed or \nprepared to meet the Licensee\'s particular requirements. Environment Canada makes no \nwarranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of \nmerchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will Environment Canada \nbe liable for any indirect, special, consequential or other damages attributed to the \nLicensee\'s use of the Data product.";
  :tracking_id = "550e3a85-380a-4064-a8c9-50892a31e6df";
  :id = "doi:10.5065/D6SJ1JCH";
  :version = "1.2";
  :NCO = "netCDF Operators version 4.7.4 (";
  :nco_openmp_thread_number = 1; // int